Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach Bali

When visiting Bali Island, most of the people will look for Bali beaches. If you love to stay on the southern part of the island and love to have surfing activities also offer clean white sand beach, than we can recommend you to visit Balangan Beach Bali.

Now you must be wondering how it’s look and how to get it? On this page, we are more than please to write for you about Balangan beach Bali.

What To Do In Bali Attractions – Balangan Beach

For those who have come visiting Bali more than once, than it will be not hard for those to find Bali attractions and for sure you must be have heard about Balangan Bali or perhaps you have visited this beach before.

For those who have not, than Balangan is a beach that you should visit during holiday in Bali.

The location of Balangan beach is not really hard to get. Located on the southern part of Bali and very close to Bali international airport.

You only need 30 minute with 16-kilometer distance. Very close to GWK Bali only 5 minutes driving and 20 minutes to Uluwatu temple.

On the first paragraph we have mentioned about surfing activities, and Beach in Balangan are well know and get plenty visit by surfer fan from all around the world.

Also this beach is close located to other famous beaches in Bali such as Dreamland beach, Padang-Padang beach, Bingin Beach and Uluwatu.

Very nice isn’t it, to get beautiful beach in Bali with close distance locations. For surfer community, the entire beach that we mentioned, are exclusive and affordable playground.

Balangan Beach Waves

Balangan Pecatu Bali

You can find one of the best waves on this beach, amazing scenery that stretch along the coastline. Beside that the wave on Balangan beach offer plenty kind of section, also offer 500 meter long ride when you can get bigger wave.

For you who don’t do surfing activities, you must be wondering, is this beach appropriate for me to visit with friend and family, for lay down on the beach?

Balangan beach Bali is no longer a place to visit only by surfer, now days a lot of visitor came to Balangan beach for viewing stunning sunset view, swimming on clear sea water and relaxing on white sand beach.

Looking for a drink, from cocktail to coconut cooler, you can get it here. On the beach there are a few small cafe that provide drink and food that you can buy.

With coconut cooler in hand, lay down on clean white sand beach while enjoying the stunning view of sunset, what else that better than this as your things to do in Bali.

Pers Wrote About It

CNN travel wrote about this beach and put the list as 5 best-hidden beaches, and of course they put Balangan beach on first list.

You can read about 5 best-hidden beaches in Bali by CNN travel on the link. Bali surf advisor also wrote about what Balangan beach for surfer fan, and you can read it on this link, Bali surf advisor Balangan beach.

If you need map direction to this beach, please click this link Balangan beach map.

If you feel Balangan Beach Bali is too crowded and prefer more quite and hidden from public, I recommend you to visit Virgin Beach Karangasem Bali. But you will need 2 hours driving to get Virgin Beach Bali from south part of Bali.

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