White Sand Beach Bali

White Sand Beach Bali Perasi

Looking for best beach in Bali, with white sand beach, less crowded and hidden from public? Than you should visit white sand beach Bali, who also called virgin beach Bali and local people call it as Perasi beach Bali.

Location Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem

Virgin beach Bali, located close to Candidasa Bali, you just need to drive north from Candidasa and it will take about 20 minutes driving.This beach has plenty name, so don’t get confuse by it, it’s only one beach.

To get the location of Perasi beach Bali, for first timer quite difficult, it’s gone by hard to get it. Because of this reason, this beach don’t get overcrowded and we recommend you to visit this beach during your holiday in Bali as one of your outdoor attractions in Bali.

The road entrance of Perasi beach Bali between Jasri village and Bugbug village Karangsem. At this moment there is no Map direction on Google map.

From Kuta area you need to drive for 2 hours driving to get Perasi white sand beach Bali. There is no public transportation available to get Perasi white sand beach Bali. You have to hire a car or rent a bike, which is available on most tourist area in Bali.

Virgin White Sand Beach Bali

Virgin beach Bali

White sand beach Bali can be said as one of the best beach in Bali if you are looking for less crowded beach.

This beach mention plenty of time on travel guide books but only few people who would like to have a visit here because it’s distance very far away from most of tourism site in Bali and the locations is also hidden.

The sand here isn’t really white, it close to white rather than yellow also mix with black sand but well-known as white sand beach, but that is not a matter.

Virgin beach Bali still offer you cleanness, beautiful scenery and clean seawater. Plenty small cafe is available at Virgin beach Bali and sells good food and consider cheap to most people.

Not only beach and cafe, you also will be able to see Balinese traditional boat that use by local fisherman. When you visit Virgin beach Bali and the weather is clear, you will see clear blue seawater and very delight to set your eyes and very good for swimming.

Perasi beach Bali

Things To Do At Perasi Beach Bali

Best things to do at Perasi beach Bali is swimming and snorkelling. You can hire snorkel equipment here, so you don’t need to bring one, unless you already have one.

Natural environment like on the sea, some time can get rough, so you need to be very careful especially if you travel with kids.

Virgin beach Bali also provide deck chairs and umbrellas, that located in front of the small cafe. If you want to use it, just ask the staff of the cafe.

Most visitor who visiting Perasi beach Bali, love to have Balinese massage. Plenty of local masseur available with affordable price.

If you are staying at south of Bali like Kuta or Legian and doesn’t really care about looking for less crowded beach, better not visiting Perasi beach Bali. Because Perasi beach Bali location is quite far from south Bali. The alternative is Balangan Beach.

Accommodation On Virgin Beach Bali

If you are looking for accommodations on Virgin beach Bali, you won’t found any. So if you want to get accommodations, get it at Candidasa.

Plenty of travellers get underwhelmed by the beach in Bali and didn’t know where to get best Bali beach.

Bali is a big island and provides plenty of beautiful beaches and enough for everyone. You just need to find out and you can use search engine by using this word best beach in Bali.

Virgin beach Bali gets excellent review on tripadvisor for attractions in Karangasem, find out more of the review here, White Sand Beach Bali Review on Tripadvisor.

Popular Tourist Attraction Near By

Karangasem Bali on only have Perasi white sand beach Bali for you to visit. Karangasem regency also offer another popular tourist attraction that located close to Perasi white sand beach Bali. There are:

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