Rafting Bali

Many traveller who visiting the island of Bali, try to find things to do in Bali during their holiday for example rafting Bali. As all you know, the island of thousand temples has a lot of best place to go, such as Bali beaches, lake, white water river normally for rafting Bali tour and mountain.


This island has plenty of white water rivers and very suitable for Bali white water rafting. This make plenty of company that manage waters sports, invest their money to create a company, which provide white water rafting Bali.


Some of the rafting companies that establish in Bali and has excellent services to customer with 100% safety records for rafting Bali are:

White Water River Telaga Waja & Ayung Ubud

There are two main rivers which is being use for Bali white water rafting, and there are:

Traveller want to have their holiday in Bali with adventure on white water rafting, most of them didn’t know which rafting companies in Bali will give them excellent services, security, safety and value for money. Came directly to provider, you will definitely get publish rates, so make a booking with us, you will safe a lot of your budget for water sports adventures in Bali.

Rafting Bali white water river, trips on Telaga Waja & Ayung river Ubud. Handle by Bali Adventure Tours, Sobek, Alam Rafting. Book, get discount up to 50%!

About Wira Rafting Bali Services And Goal For Customers

To have rafting activities in Bali during holiday, it’s gone cause you extra money of your tour and travel budget, also most people didn’t know which rafting companies that provide great services, security or safety. Because of this matter, we only recommend and book you at rafting company with excellent services, security or safety and of course with competitive rates. Try not to book directly on Bali rafting provider, this will make you get publish rates instead of our contract rates. There is no different of services, security or safety between publish rates and contract rates.


You must be wondering, how we able to give you less price if you make a booking with us instead of book directly on the provider. The answer is, we are a tour and travel agent, provide many client for Bali rafting to rafting companies, this make us have a special contract rate with Bali rafting companies. All of these make us able to give you lower rate rather than publish rate.


Other Benefit To Book Bali Rafting With Us:

  • We know which company that give excellent rafting equipment
  • We know which company that give friendly guide, also provide drinking water at the end of the tour
  • We know which company that give a nice lunch at the end of the tour

So if you are first timer or have try rafting in Bali before, please don’t hesitate to book rafting adventure in Bali with us. As you see our website are on the top 10 listing on Google first page, and to achieve this, we invested a lot of money, time and hard work. We will keep maintain our services to our entire customer, because we believe happy customer is the best marketing agent.

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